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Custom Furniture

featured projects made for ken fulk inc. 

Hanging Daybed
Hanging Daybed

Featured in Architectural Digest's article of Kevin Systrom's Lake Tahoe home

Wedding Bridge
Wedding Bridge

Featured in Vanity Fair's article: Inside the Extravagant Wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

Repurposed Coffee Table
Repurposed Coffee Table

Converting wonderful, found, Moroccan doors into a amazing coffee table

Tiled Cafe Tables
Tiled Cafe Tables

Visit Jane Cafe, San Francisco, to see them in person!


About Us

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dplusb = Dorothy + Buck


Dorothy & Buck are a husband/wife design team, passionate about sustainable, approachable design and artful juxtaposition. Your home has heart and we can help give it the style & function that you are looking for while using eco-friendly practices. 


Dorothy and Buck have been working together for nearly 2 decades. Starting their collaboration designing and building architectural signage, Dorothy & Buck have collaborated on a broad set of design challenges across the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond. 


In 2004 Dorothy joined acclaimed designer and tastemaker, Ken Fulk. 


Soon after that,  Buck joined the team to lead renovation projects and to craft and hand build custom furniture.  


For 10 years Dorothy and Buck worked together to design and build some of the most notorious projects in the Ken Fulk portfolio.  


In that time with Ken Fulk Inc, Dorothy and Buck perfected their craft and and learned the art of installation as a critical component of the success of a design. 


Dorothy is a master creative producer.  She can see and bring to life the heart of your home.  With a holistic and sustainable approach, Dorothy will tackle a design project by bridging the design world with her client’s true sense of home. 


Dorothy’s design philosophy is that design can be aspirational but must recognize that it exists in the real world and should always reflect the way we actually live and respect the resources available.


Buck is a maker at heart. He brings his years of building expertise and his dedication to well built spaces and furniture.


Buck’s years of working on a wide variety of different renovation projects has given him insight into creative and diverse building practices for all different needs and budgets. 


While Buck can manage and deliver many aspects of building, Buck’s artisanship is especially apparent in his quality of craft in his unique and custom built wood furniture and architectural accessories brought to life in his wood shop.


you + dplusb = home² 

To many, designing a home or project can be overwhelming.  For some it’s fun, but time constraints make it impossible to define and bring to life a full vision for a space.


From style and layout and color choices to whole home renovations, Dorothy and Buck are ready for your design challenge.


If you’ve had your fill of Pinterest and Instagram and looking to move toward designing a space that is truly yours, you can reach out to us for a short discovery call or an in-home consultation so you can get your project under way.

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Have ideas? Want to chat?


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Have ideas? Want to chat?


Thank You!